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Myofascial exam dog

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Koala in tree

International Travel - Australia

CRI has partnered with VetPrac to offer the CCRT, CCRVT/CCRVN, and CCRA certifications in Brisbane, Australia. We are coming twice yearly so that student can earn their certifications efficiently without having to travel to the States.

Courtyard in Belgium

International Travel - Europe

CRI is hosted by Ellen Martens, PT, MPT, CCRT, therapist, and owner of Het Waterhoff in Velm, Belgium. We visit twice yearly to offer the CCRT, CCRVT, CCRVN, and CCRA certifications.

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Canine Arthritis Resources and Education (CARE)


Academy of Physical Rehabilitation Veterinary Technicians



American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation


AARV logo

American Association of Rehabilitation Veterinarians


International Association of Veterinary Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy


IVAPM logo

International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management


Australian New Zealand College of Veterinary Science logo

Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientist, VSMR Chapter


Animal Physical Therapy Special Interest Group


Respond Systems logo

Respond Systems


LASER Therapy: Jumpstart the healing process with cold laser therapy proven in studies to increase the energy level in the cell to accelerate healing.

Bio-Pulse Magnetic Therapy: From acute to chronic conditions, this passive therapy assists the body in healing itself while reducing pain and inflammation.

Fit Paws logo

Fit Paws - Therapeutic Exercise Equipement


To keep dogs going strong, our canine physical training and rehabilitation tools build, sustain and improve dogs’ overall fitness so they remain healthy and agile.

Pulse Vet Logo



The only high-energy focused sound wave technology backed by peer-reviewed and published clinical research.

Assisi logo

Assisi Loop


Bring the Healing Home

Our revolutionary animal health products use targeted PEMF therapy to decrease pain and inflammation, accelerate healing, and reduce anxiety—without drugs or side effects.

Cutting Edge Logo

Cutting Edge Lasers


The M-VET Therapy Laser is a result of the scientific and technological know-how of over thirty years of research and development in a new generation of therapeutic devices entirely dedicated to animal health.



Bridging the gap between learning and doing. Continuing Education in Australia

Therapaws Logo



Thera-Paw invents, designs, develops, manufactures, and distributes splints, braces, soft orthoses, protective garments, mobility aids, and other rehabilitative and assistive products for animals with special needs. At Thera-Paw, we know how difficult it is to see an animal in pain. We all have pets, many with special needs. This is why we are dedicated to helping you find the best solution for your pet, whether it is one of our products or that of another company. We know most people in the industry and you can count on us to give you advice on the best product(s) for your pet. With your feedback and assistance from veterinary professionals, we continue to develop new ways to improve the function, mobility, and comfort of pets.

Walkin' Pets logo

Walkin' Pets - Handicapped Pets Devices


We believe, pets are family – Whether disabled and/or elderly, pets deserve to live a happy and healthy life

Elvation logo

Elvation Vet: Piezowave 2


The precise targeting of tissue with acoustic compression provides you with a tool to positively influence cellular form and function. PiezoWave² sends an array of sound waves effortlessly and without sensation through soft tissue to the desired, controlled depth. This results in a effective delivery of energy at a depth that you define without being compromised by tissue absorption.

Companion Animal Health logo

Companion Animal Health


Companion Animal Health is the thriving animal healthcare business within medical technology leader Enovis™ Corporation that specializes in laser and rehabilitation therapies and diagnostics for the veterinary community. Companion features a proven portfolio of solutions for vets and their beloved pet patients that continues to advance.

Pro Plan Veterinary Diets and Supplements


Always Advancing for You and Your Patient.

Research and Resources, Professional Feeding Program, & Continuing Education.

Esaote logo

Esaote Veterinary Ultrasound


VET Ultrasound Applications for Small Animals

Only the best care is good enough for pets. Esaote Veterinary helps the veterinarian by providing the best diagnostic imaging.

Spryng logo



Spryng™ with OsteoCushion™ Technology

As a veterinarian, you can help animals with debilitating lameness and joint issues return to an improved quality of life with Spryng™ with OsteoCushion™ Technology, a revolutionary intra-articular injectable veterinary device that goes beyond masking symptoms to address the root cause of lameness issues — missing and damaged cartilage.

Contura Vet Logo

Arthramid Vet


Arthramid® Vet is a unique & patented hydrogel, offering an innovative, safe solution for Veterinarians.

Zoetis logo



As the world’s leading animal health company, Zoetis is driven by a singular purpose: to nurture our world and humankind by advancing care for animals.

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